A complicated piece of machinery such as our society...by pressing your little finger against one spot...the center of all its gravity...you can make the thing crumble into a worthless heap of scrap iron.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Teach-in on Afghanistan, Monday March 16th, 6-7.30pm

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"It’s been nearly six years since the Bush administration invaded Iraq and almost nine since the invasion of Afghanistan. Now, even though Barack Obama was voted in as the anti-war candidate, he’s pledged to move the focus from Iraq in order to send more troops to Afghanistan and escalate the “good war.” We cannot leave it up to Washington to end this war. It’s imperative that we rebuild a strong anti-war movement that takes an uncompromising stance against the occupations of Afghanistan, Iraq and Palestine and US imperialism generally.

Come to a teach-in hosted by Berkeley Stop the War Coalition this Monday, March 16th to hear about the situation in Afghanistan from Sonali Kolhatkar, one of the founders of the Afghan Women’s Mission and co-author of “Bleeding Afghanistan: Washington, Warlords, and the Propaganda of Silence” and Melody Ermachild Chavez. Following talks by Sonali and Melody, the floor will be open for discussion about the real reasons the U.S. is invading Afghanistan, as well as ways we can work to build the anti-war movement."

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